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“All businesses have a choice: they can either be good, or they can do good, and of course they can do both.”

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What makes us different?

We are a small business, which doesn’t rely upon a big brand. This makes us very accountable for our deliverables. We recognise that our future depends upon the quality of our client relationships and the quality of our work. We are experienced operational leaders before we are consultants and this enhances our credibility because we have faced, and dealt with, similar challenges. We have chosen to dedicate our professional lives to making change happen for our clients – with conscience and purpose.

Our Behaviours

It is a given that every consultancy should excel in their field of expertise. At Four Points, we place emphasis on how we go about doing what we do. It is our collective values, style and commitment that make the difference. We behave to:

Be Inspiring

– to help you to be at your best.

Add Insight

– to bring clarity and awareness.

Stimulate Imagination

– to unlock the potential of radical thinking.

Act with Instinct

– to combine intuition with experience.

Meet the team

We have a senior team of purpose-aligned, trusted and talented associates who work for us on a project-by-project basis. This flexible model allows us to match the exact expertise of an associate with your unique business requirements.

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