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  • Are we "past it" yet?

    Are we

    No organisation wants to be a dodo, yet most companies inadvertently invest more in flogging tired ideas than addressing future relevance. How can you avoid the same fate?

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  • The changing face of Project Management

    The changing face of Project Management

    Agile does not equal Anarchy. We do need stability and structure. But, we need to become smart about how our processes, decision making and governance supports our ability to move at pace in Project and Change Management. Agile is about the balance between ‘freedom’ and ‘discipline’, and working (hard!) to achieve that balance can enable candid and swift response to whatever is on the horizon for your organisation.

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  • Summer Stories

    Summer Stories

    Summer is always a great time to step off the treadmill for an extended bit of time off with the family. And so, as I return back into the normal swing of things here at Four Points I reflect on various insights that the summer season has brought to me. Thoughts and reflections inspired by the time spent with my children and wider family. Learnings that have become possible because we created space with no specific agenda, tasks or tight schedules.

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  • Change Lessons from the British Government

    Change Lessons from the British Government

    This is a post that takes a step back from the current political turmoil in which Britain finds itself to extract some learnings. Learnings that will help you prepare for and lead your own organisation through change, as we navigate the next few months and years in an environment that is not entirely predictable and definitely not entirely in our control.

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  • What do Business Leaders and Fighter Pilots have in common?

    What do Business Leaders and Fighter Pilots have in common?

    I decided to write this post after having to make a very tough decision quickly. I made this decision as I observed and experienced a number of situations in quick succession. It was very obvious what needed to be done, but that didn’t make the decision and the execution of that decision any easier! Steve Cabrera (co-author of this post) an Associate (not a fighter pilot!) was there with me in this very real situation. And, as I braved the decision and started to act upon it, he said to me, “you have just done what a fighter pilot would do”.

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  • 'Spring Clean' or ‘Transformation'?

    'Spring Clean' or ‘Transformation'?

    As I sit here watching the ground floor of my house gradually getting de-constructed in readiness for an extension, I sigh with relief. This year I can skip the arduous process of the ‘spring clean’, even though I do love the feeling of all that clutter being discarded and everything having a place again.

    This year, instead of sorting, clearing, and discarding I sit surrounded by furniture piled high. Everything is out of its place and dust is accumulating. This is causing anarchy in our day to day living, but the anticipation of a transformation in our home keeps me buoyant.

    And then my mind flips the analogy to a few client scenarios that I’ve been party to in the last week.

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  • Agile Leader or Maverick?

    Agile Leader or Maverick?

    "Agile." Probably the most wide spread word used in business conversations today and yet with meaning, context and authenticity varying so dramatically from one to the next.

    Such is my recent experience as I reflect over the past 3 months in working with 2 leading organisations.

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  • Win commitment not just compliance.

    Win commitment not just compliance.

    There are quite a few burning platforms in our corporate world at the moment. These are acting as great triggers to mobilise big transformation efforts in our organisations.

    However, are these burning platforms enough to ignite a successful business transformation?

    If all key constituents in the organisation feel the need for the change, is this enough for the change to be intrinsically accepted? Well some Programme Directors clearly think so! But I would beg to differ.

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  • What makes a strategic conversation effective?

    What makes a strategic conversation effective?

    Organisations and individuals strive to be seen as strategic. In the business world being strategic is seen as an indicator of future success. Yet I frequently witness conversations that are intended to be strategic that truly are not. I recount the number of coaching conversations aimed at helping individuals ‘become more strategic’ in their thinking, a typical development goal for many, and I think back on the number of executive sessions that I have facilitated where teams have struggled to entertain the challenge posed and have remained in their comfort zones discussing tactics.

    Having recently observed a similar situation, I was prompted to write this post. I wanted to share a consolidation of my thoughts; things that I have observed as common elements of all inefficient strategic conversations and what makes for a great one.

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  • The humanistic component of change.

    The humanistic component of change.

    An odd title I know! You would think that the terms ‘humanistic’ (if there is such a word?) and ‘change’ go hand it hand, so why would I choose to focus on exploring their connection in a "Boardroom Elephant Unveiled" blog post?

    Well, as I reflected upon the year of changes that have taken place within our Client organisations and as a contributing Author to our new eBook - 44 Ways to Take Your People With You, I continued to ask myself the question: “Why is change so confounding?”. Research still points to as many as one in three transformation efforts failing to deliver anticipated benefits. Despite the increasing array of research, models and education available on the topic of change, for the past few decades, the statistics and perceptions around change remain, well…unchanged.

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