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Why digital transformation is failing...

It hasn’t even begun yet.

1 trillion
This year close to 1 trillion GBP is being spent on digital transformation.

13.2 million
When you search “what is digital transformation” Google delivers 13.2 million results.

80% failures
Around 80% of all digital transformation projects fail.  

Very few know what they are doing.  
Most have no clue.
In 2017.

The big misunderstanding
Digital transformation has only partly to do with ‘digital’ and ‘transformation’.

It has more to do with creating an organisation that thrives in constant change, uncertainty and dealing with new technology.

Creating that organisation starts with culture and people.

At our webinar we will be exploring the real ‘jobs to be done’ within digital transformation from an executive level.

Bring a curious mind and come join our 45 minute webinar at 8 a.m. GMT/UTC on Friday 3rd November.

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Ravi and Rasmus 
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