Finding the right Interim Project Manager

Getting things done takes more than just plans and dedicated focus, it takes the ability to adapt quickly when business conditions change. The authority and empathy to build effective working relationships with key people and the confidence to say what needs to be said, not what wants to be heard.

Just 22% of projects are ‘wholly’ successful

Association of Project Management (research 2017)

The Problem

Finding the right contractor can be daunting. Recruiter assessment processes are often biased towards basic technical project management skills lacking the required understanding, ways of working and nuances of the project. Managers end up spending too much time sifting through candidates, taking them away from where they add most value from the business and worried they have the right contractor in place.

Our Expertise

Our deep experience and knowledge drives great match-making. If you are looking for interim project manager with the necessary skills and the right fit for your organization’s way of working but don’t have the time to sift through dozens of applicants… we have the solution.

The Outcome

What we want clients to be saying:…
“This was hassle-free and quick, the project manager can do the job we need them to do… and in the right way”.

“Project managers have to adapt their approaches and skills to deal much more fully with the people dimension, set within the context of uncertainty and change, where the basic tools, skills and outlook are still relevant but need to be applied with heightened awareness”
Cranfield School of Management

How it works

We believe it is important to have the right manager in place from the very start of your project. Our selection process is based on a deep understanding of the project’s strategy combined with your organisation’s culture and ways of working.

Our 3 Step Project Manager Selection Process


We take our brief from the Executive Sponsor, not a role profile to get a deep understanding of the true needs.


Based on your needs, we will select one or two candidates, from our database of seasoned/skilled project managers taking into account: technical skills and experience,organisational context, engagement style and way of working.


We fully brief your chosen candidate with project context and we will initially be on-site with them to help set-up and get them off to a great start.

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