Accelerating Change

Change can be difficult. Things often get in the way of your plans, but with good change planning, most issues are avoidable or can be dealt with in a thoughtful and pragmatic way. We help you figure out the what, the why and the how change needs to be managed so that your strategy and plans remain on track and relevant.

The problem

Despite the best-laid plans, change implementation often gets stuck. Quick wins aren’t as quick as initially thought, decision making becomes harder, staff priorities are diverted to urgent operational issues, managing interdependencies becomes overly complex and overall momentum start to slow.

Our Expertise

We get involved at the very beginning of a complex change or help identify the causes of a slow down or any misalignment. We set a clear path forward that engages your entire team and provide support in various roles to keep you on track, rolling-up our sleeves to coordinate the change for you, or simply finding you the right talent to get the work done.

The Outcome

Scoped, integrated and realistic plans to work from. We want you to say, “This is clear and it makes sense”.

You have the right skills and capacity to get the work done. We want you to say, “We can really do this”.

Your staff are informed, engaged and channel their efforts in a way that supports your change. We want them to say, “I care about this”.

How it works

An effective acceleration plan, starts with a good understanding of the environment and context within which the change will happen. This ensures any planning is focused in the most impactful areas. To do this, we follow a 4 step process.

Our Accelerating Change Process


Confirm the vision and accountabilities associated with the change.


Determine which of the 13 potential factors are the key blockers to successful change.


Agree practical interventions that will realign, unblock and accelerate the change activity.


Embed changes into existing governance and support your implementation by guiding your leaders or finding you interim resources.

“150 days from concept to go-live for a new global product development process”

Reach your goals quicker with an expert in change management

Find an Interim Project Manager

Get your change off to a good start with an interim project manager who will get things done within the context of your project needs and your business culture.

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Our cross sector approach

To bring a fresh approach, our lessons learnt from one industry can often be applied to a complimentary or a complete opposite industry. Here are a few organisations we have helped with Accelerated Change.

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