Creating change impact

Despite the best-laid plans, change implementation can often get stuck. Quick wins aren’t as quick as initially thought. Decisions become blurred or more difficult. Ambiguity sets in. Conflicting priorities surface and the management of operational interdependencies becomes overwhelming. Overall, momentum slows, motivation waivers, focus become diluted and the targeted benefits are at risk.

We believe that…

The content of every change is different, but what stays the same is that it is people that make it happen.

Commitment comes from having authentic conversations about the change.

Trusting people to do the right work, in the right way and supporting them is what makes the change successful.

Creating an environment for change allows for new solutions and personal growth.

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“From being an advisor to an actual player during implementation was for me a key differentiator. I would highly recommend their services to other potential customers.”

Takeda Head of Digital Solutions

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“I have been thoroughly impressed with how Four Points have helped us progress one of our key change programmes. They have both met and exceeded the very high expectations that we all had.”

VG Scienta MD

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“ With the barest of information from us, Four Points were able to put together the right levels of detailed actions, including perspectives from across organisation and with a balance of sensitivity and assertiveness to ensure we met our targets.”

Triumph Global Head of Production

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“You showed us how it should be done. It’s the best approach I’ve ever seen. It’s brilliant. I like the focus on tangible results.”

St Georges Head of Programmes

What we do

Create or curate the appropriate portfolio of initiatives.

Engage and align all stakeholders for mutually beneficial outcomes.

Manage or guide implementation whilst transferring skills to your teams.

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Change Accelerator

Getting Started

A good way for us to start helping you to strengthen your change impact is by understanding the context of your needs; the end point for which you are aiming; the progress to date; and, where your people are on the journey. In response to this full context, we provide you with a set of remedial actions using key acceleration levers that will ignite or re-energise your change effort. This accelerator plan also helps you to see where you might need extra skills or capacity so that any further external involvement is focussed on delivering the greatest value.

Our cross sector approach

Our lessons learnt from one industry can be applied to a complimentary or a complete opposite industry to bring a fresh approach to the table. Here are some things we believe are important to creating change impact.


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