‘Coach – advising’ for a healthy culture

Untapped potential is common – whether for an individual leader or an executive team. Team structures, role definitions and how we are measured do not necessarily foster effective leadership or high-performing team dynamics. Behavioural norms and personality traits often get in the way of harmonious working relationships. Organisations often pretend that interpersonal issues do not exist; they often don’t see the huge potential of the leader or the team that is left under-utilised or unexplored.

We believe…

Trust is crucial in developing impactful teams and leaders.

Both backbone and heart are needed to make your stance clear and to care for its impact on others.

Showing vulnerability takes the pressure out of a situation.

Lasting success depends on forming new habits.

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“I have been completely fascinated by how Ravi is able to add clarity and aid my thought process. He listens, questions and is intuitive and has a real knack of being able to illuminate the underlying issue I’m describing helping me to become unstuck and ‘change the dance’. I always look forward to our productive sessions and come away inspired and focused every time.”

CoOperative Execuitve member

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“The work of Four Points was extremely productive, with lots of practical outputs, and my team were universal in their praise for the facilitator. There has been a visible and measurable improvement to my team as a result.”

Frazer Nash Head of IS&T

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“The team at Four Points have a great talent for interpreting our needs and a flexible approach to supporting us, ensuring a perfect fit to our skills, competencies and cultural style.”

CFO Prologis

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“What strikes you most about the team from Four Points is the speed at which they understand the culture, create a clear plan and support you in driving it through to a successful conclusion.”

Specsavers Learning & Development Director

Build unity amongst senior teams.

Enhance personal effectiveness and constructive relationships.

Support difficult decision-making and conflict situations.

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Breakthrough Coaching

Getting Started

A good way for us to start ‘coach-advising’ for an ethical culture is through a number of trial sessions with one of our team. The effectiveness of a coach-advisor relationship is dependent on clarity of outcomes and chemistry between the ‘coach-advisor’ and client. Our breakthrough coaching sessions allows for both of these to be tested; and, at the same time imminent issues can be addressed. This trial creates the foundation for a longer-term partnership.

Our cross sector approach

Our lessons learnt from one industry can be applied to a complimentary or a complete opposite industry to bring a fresh approach to the table. Here are some things we believe are important to creating a healthy culture with effective harmonious relationships.

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