Performance Turnaround

Our rapid performance diagnostic identifies root causes of performance issues to help focus your team on what areas to address. We will support you and engage your teams to strive for improved performance providing the momentum to get the results your business needs, fast.

The problem

Because businesses are made up of multiple interrelated components performance failures rarely occur due to a single factor. When performance consistently falls below expectations, resources are directed at it, data is analysed, improvement plans are created, but the improvements often aren’t big enough, are late or short-lived and whilst data analytics can give an indication of causes, they alone will not give you the full story.

Our Expertise

At Four Points, we look at your organisation from every angle, zooming in where needed on areas such as your financials, process flows, system usage, roles, culture and performance management – components that together are relevant to performance improvement. A consolidated assessment of these provides us with a clear picture as to which areas will have the biggest impact on your performance.

The Outcome

A multi-dimensional evidence driven assessment of root cause of failure. We want you to say, “We’ve understood the causes and these changes will make a difference”.

Informed and engaged staff channelling their efforts in a way that supports your turnaround. We want them to say, “I know what I need to do, let’s get on with it”.

How it works

To ensure our work is focused on the most relevant areas we follow a 5 step process.

Our Performance Turnaround Process


Validate measurement system and existing performance.


Assess targeted business areas against 9 performance dimensions.


Assign clear accountabilities to gap areas and any associated change plans.


Implement short term wins whilst building turnaround roadmap.


Make changes to business operations and ways of working to ensure changes stick.

“13% productivity gains in 12 weeks.”
Central Surrey Health

Our cross sector approach

Our lessons learnt from one industry can be applied to a complimentary or a complete opposite industry to bring a fresh approach to the table. Here are a few organisations we have helped with Performance Turnaround.

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