Facilitating your strategy development

Strategy means different things to different leaders. Newcomers to the business may expect something different to those who had a part to play in defining the existing strategy. There will be a different appetite for change, risk and pace of delivery. Ultimately, strategy is about making conscious choices of what to do and what not to do. However, reconciling ideas, intentions and objectives amongst multiple stakeholders can very quickly become an overwhelming and all-encompassing process, which can lead to sub-optimal and unclear outcomes.

We believe…

Discussing strategy is the place to unlock bold thinking, beyond the constraints and issues of today.

Strategy is about making choices. The choices can be made more powerful by encouraging different perspectives.

Aligning on a clear mission & purpose serve as anchors to help make the right choices.

True value comes from the journey of thinking, debating and deciding.

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“Four Points helped our board to act in a way that has led to clearer thought, more creativity and freedom which means we have established our key strategic objectives quicker, easier and better than before. We would highly recommend Four Points to future clients.”

Garenne Group CEO

“We just wanted to say how delighted we were with the strategy workshops. You are a breath of fresh air and clearly have the energy and intellect coupled with a pragmatic approach, that we need so desperatley to cut through and develop a coherent strategy and operating plan.”

Emmaus UK Chair of Board

“A sincere thank you for giving so generously and skillfully of your time. It is no easy feat getting a group of people safely and harmoniously through a day like that yet ensuring the right discussions take place. Especially our people, none of whom are shrinking violets. You did it really well and people spoke highly of you afterwards.”

St Mungos CEO

“You were a star and facilitated our sessions elegantly and effectively, thank you.”

Condor Ferries CEO

What we do

Create alignment on purpose, vision and values.

Design and guide your strategy development process to drive conscious decision making

Translate your strategy into actionable operating plans.

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Getting Started

A good way for us to start helping to facilitate your strategy development process is through initial stakeholder conversations, where we will understand context, focussing on key human components for alignment. We will gauge what level of content will be required and how best to conduct the actual process of strategy development. By understanding the diversity of perspectives, required outcomes, organisational capabilities and level of personal motivation and commitment, we can help you set up your approach to strategy development. It is then your choice as to whether we continue the role of external facilitator for the strategy creation phase.

Our cross sector approach

Our lessons learnt from one industry can be applied to a complimentary or a complete opposite industry to bring a fresh approach to the table. Here are some things we believe are important in building great strategy.


Defining and connecting Vision to Strategies to Tactics

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