Strategy Development

Our flexible strategy building process is designed to complement your in-house expertise and ensure your strategy is relevant from the board to operational planning. We believe in speed and adaptability – our approach fits your requirements for data, personalities and culture, sensitively tailoring our approach at every stage of the process. Our key to success starts with getting a total commitment from your executive team and ensuring alignment with the board by proactively managing any tension, before translating it into a relevant operational plan your team will confidently own and commit to.

The Problem

Despite all good intentions, strategy development can very quickly become an overwhelming and all-encompassing process. The amount of expertise and input from the multiple individuals involved can often cloud judgements, create uncertainty and extend timelines. Clarity, strong direction and accountability, the core components of any business strategy, are lost.

Our Expertise

Our expertise lies in our cross-sector knowledge and our ability to independently and objectively provide your senior executive teams with a line of sight that:

  • Inspires thinking and ignites imagination
  • Takes a pragmatic approach to developing strategy at all levels
  • Ensures concepts are followed through in the strategic development and planning process
  • Results in defined actions that directly relate to the strategy
  • Provides the structure that drives the strategic process

The Outcome

A strategy process that is well planned, executed at the right level of detail & works within your team’s other commitments. We want you to say, “It was relevant and practically done”.

The right information and critical thinking have been done to create the end result. We want you to say, “This feels right”.

A strategy your team and governing bodies are committed to. We want you to say, “We are aligned”.

How it works

We believe it is important to have an approach that fits with your appetite for information and analysis, your team’s ability to undertake preparatory work, the timescales and the decision-making process of the stakeholders.

Our Strategy Development Process


Get an understanding of your requirements and the environment you work in.

Design Column Title

Set a timeline and schedule-in the strategy development process, ensuring everyone understands what is upcoming and why.


Work with your team to prepare the information, data and analysis required for the critical thinking sessions.


Oversee the overall process and workshops to ensure set outcomes and decisions are made.


Clarify and document your strategy, ready to communicate to key audiences.


Set-up and manage reviews to build engagement and monitor progress efficiently.

“Sometimes the guidance that clients are looking for is not insight but a practical, structured environment within which the Executive team can focus solely on contributing their ideas. Our expertise in this area draws on our many experiences in facilitating strategy development across a number of companies.”

“5 working sessions to define and get sign-off on our strategy and tactics”

Our cross sector approach

To bring a fresh approach, our lessons learnt from one industry can often be applied to a complimentary or a complete opposite industry. Here are a few organisations we have helped with Strategy Development.

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