Enhancing your ways of working

Great strategies often fail, not because the strategy is flawed but because the execution is not strong. Every business has its own ways of working but rarely are they designed consciously, rather they are the inevitable by-product of leadership legacies, which culminate in structures and policies that are not serving the organisation well. Ways of working require constant scrutiny and simplification.

We believe in…

Harnessing collective power to find solutions.

Giving people freedom on how they do their work with ‘just enough’ control.

Measuring and managing for human behavior.

Tapping into people’s intrinsic motivators.

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“Four Points have been instrumental in getting Optegra UK set up for success right out of the starting blocks, with the best possible structure and support we were lacking internally. Honest, straight and factual at any point along the journey, I have experienced first-hand FourPoints desire and ability to make a difference to our business.”

Optegra Group CEO

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“The fact that Four Points can draw on substantial real world experience greatly enhances their personal credibility and that of the input that they give.”

SThree CEO

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“Your work is excellent and we are very pleased!”

Safilo CEO

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“We chose Four Points because we were impressed by their ethos of transferring skills and their track record. We liked their ability to put themselves in our shoes and adapt to our needs.”

Central Surrey Health MD

What we do

Define accountability and resources in alignment with priorities.

Establish governance to support delivery of purpose and strategy.

Create effective methods for decision-making, information sharing and continuous learning.

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Operational Optimizer

Getting Started

A good way for us to start helping to enhance your ways of working is to assess your current organisational set-up against a set of purposeful business principles and practices. The output is a set of recommendations to organise your business at all levels according to your strategic objectives. This output is self-standing, and you have the option to continue with our support as you take the necessary actions to bridge the gap.

Our cross sector approach

Our lessons learnt from one industry can be applied to a complimentary or a complete opposite industry to bring a fresh approach to the table. Here are some things we believe are important to enhancing your operating environment.


13% productivity and 54% service level improvement in 12 weeks

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