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We believe that technology can play a critical role in addressing these healthcare challenges. By leveraging technology, we can improve access to care, enhance patient experiences, and reduce healthcare costs. To achieve these goals, we must challenge the current medical model, stakeholders, individual behaviors, clinical protocols, regulations, and pathways. We must navigate our way through this maze of complexity and help the system to change.

We advocate for responsible and innovative use of technology to improve global health outcomes. Let’s go on this journey together to transform healthcare as we know it.


The UK health app industry generated £2.8 billion in 2023, (Business of Apps)​


Voda, a mental wellness app has shown to reduce clinical scores of anxiety by 44% among its users​ (Founders Forum Group)​.


By 2022, only 10% of patient care requests indicated a preference for face-to-face GP consultations, highlighting the shift towards digital solutions​ (Investment Monitor)​.

Partner organisations

Healthcare is complex and fragmented; the sector just as broad as it is deep. Delivering change in this sector requires expertise in many niche areas. It is not enough to have a great innovation and startups often don’t have all the skills in-house to deliver what they need to. That is why I choose to work with a network of organisations who provide different niche, expert services. Together we help our clients successfully drive change with their innovation.

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