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Change Strategy & Management

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We enable, support and help businesses unlock the potential of change

At Four Points Consulting we help businesses become more adaptable and resilient organisations by identifying and rooting out any obstacles to progress.

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How we can help your business change

Our services are designed to make business improvement relevant and simple.

Accelerating Change

Helping you make the right changes, in the right way.

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Performance Turnaround

Identifying and rooting out the causes of poor business performance.

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Strategy Development

Creating sustainable change with long-term benefits.

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“We’ve started but we’re not getting anywhere fast. What can we do to speed up without impacting the quality of the changes?”

“We have significant changes and improvements to deliver. How do we de-risk non-delivery?”

“We have committed to a 10% cost reduction target. I want to identify sustainable opportunities that go beyond the usual cost cutting measures.”

“The business needs to improve but I don’t know how or where to start… there’s so much to do!”

“I need to refresh the strategy for my business area which gives us a united focus and keeps us flexible to best support the overall business strategy.”

“We need to build a credible strategy, but we don’t have much time and are fully immersed in running the business.”

“Four Points supported our team in a key corporate project, bringing tremendous value in their project management and all with a smile throughout. Working with them has been a true pleasure and a learning experience.”

“I have been thoroughly impressed how Four Points helped us progress one of our key change programmes. They have both met and exceeded the very high expectations that we all had.”
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“Four Points were instrumental helping us get set up for success with the best possible structure and support. Honest, straight and factual with a desire and the ability to make a real difference to our business.”

“Working with Four Points helped our company transition into a modern agile company. Their forward-thinking, anticipation and understanding of our ambition and culture made them an ideal partner to help us to reach our goals quicker and more effectively.”

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