We believe that business can be a force for good with purpose beyond profit.

We help Small & Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) transition to creating greater benefit for all stakeholders.

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Conscious Capitalism

Research continues to show that conscious business practice benefits multiple stakeholders, benefits your bottom line and makes your business more sustainable for the long term. But don’t just take our word for it, here is some independent evidence:

Over a 15 year period, a small group of businesses outperformed S&P 500 companies by 14 times and outperformed Good to Great companies by 6 times.

82% of employees at companies involved in a broader societal cause would recommend their company as an employer, compared to the 57% of employees at companies not involved.

80% of the general population would rather pay more for products and services that are produced responsibly.

Employees who find meaning in their work report being 2.8 times more likely to stay with their organizations and are 2.2 times more satisfied with their jobs

In a review of 200 studies on sustainability and corporate performance:

90% concluded that good environmental, social and governance standards lower the cost of capital.

88% showed that good environmental, social and governance practices result in better operational performance.

80% showed that stock price performance is positively correlated with good sustainability practices.

Organizations that prioritize stakeholder relationships drive innovation and grow larger and more profitable by 21%.

Customer loyalty is 93% higher among companies with a conscious-driven mindset.

Teams that motivate employees to create a lasting impact outperform those that disregard it by 20%.

Companies with highly engaged workforces outperform their peers by 147% in earnings per share.

Implementing conscious business practice is not just about doing the right thing or being good

Whether you want to become a certified B-Corp, or a member of the UN Global Compact or simply be a truly purposeful organisation, there are fundamental decisions your organisational leadership team need to make related to your ambition, desired areas of impact, resource allocation and the path to get there. That’s the space I like to play.

Ravi Rai

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Strategic Advisor

I have spent over 30yrs in business, across a wide range of sectors, sizes and ownership models. I’ve seen business run in a lot of different ways, the good, the bad and the ugly. My experiences have exposed me to many valuable lessons, and I truly do sympathise with the dilemmas that leaders face on a day by day basis, balancing needs of the owner, staff, customer, regulator & local community to name a few.

But what I see is that in general, business is not in a good state of health: stressed or disengaged staff, tense supplier relationships, battles at the Board table and harming customers with bad products or poor service. All of this rests on the premise that as long as financial returns are ok, we keep going with what we are doing and how we are ‘beingʼ. I don’t believe this model is right, nor is it sustainable for the long term. And so I have decided to dedicate my professional life to elevating organisations to become a force for good. That doesn’t simply mean that they do no intentional harm, it means that in addition they seek to make a positive impact on the world profitably.

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How I help your business on its path to EXTRA-ordinary performance

I work with executive teams to define what being an EXTRA-ordinary business means for them, their stakeholders; and to help organise the changes to transition the company towards greater impact. I do this in 5 areas of focus:

1. Ambition

Getting clear on the impact you want to make – why, where and how much.

2. Engagement

Communicating and connecting others.

3. Design

Translating the ambition into actionable plans.

4. Operating System

Aligning the systems of HR, Communication, Legal and Finance.

5. Leadership

Supporting leaders in mind-set and behaviour change.

“You have been wonderful. You gave structure in our work and helped organise us. You asked us difficult questions. You identified issues and helped resolve them. You got us aligned properly. I am very grateful to the team.”
Global CEO (Banking)

“Your moderator has proved to be extremely beneficial in allowing our board to act aYou proved to be extremely beneficial in allowing our Board to act and think with clearer thought, more creativity and freedom which means we have established our key objectives quicker, easier and better.”
MD (Construction)

“Ravi is a breath of fresh air and clearly has the energy and intellect coupled with a pragmatic approach, that we need so desperately to cut through and develop a coherent plan”
Board (Charity)

“What you have given is amazing… above my expectations. I got more out of it than I thought. You also listened. A genuine thank you”
MD (Tech)


Good Business Talking

In my Podcast, I have conversations with Owners, CEOs and Board Members of businesses that are a Force For Good to find out:

  • Why they do what they do
  • How they make it sustainable
  • What they’ve learnt from the successes and failures they’ve had in pursuing more than profit

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